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Curtin University
Office of Strategy and Planning

Market and Institutional Research

The Market and Institutional Research team (MIR; formerly Surveys) manages the qualitative and quantitative research activities in Curtin, and provides organisational performance and market data to drive the strategy and operational decisions of the University.

MIR is mainly responsible for managing annual government funded projects, for example, the Quality Indicator of Learning and Teaching (QILT) suite of surveys including the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS), the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ), the Student Experience Survey (SES) and so forth. MIR also runs insititutional projects throughout the year, such as the Curtin Annual Student Satisfaction (CASS) Survey.

Information derived from these surveys is analysed by the MIR team and made available for internal users. eVALUate is Curtin's online system where students can give feedback on their units and teachers and is now managed by the MIR team (effective March 2017). Please email with any enquiries or visit

Our services

Market Research Institutional Research
  • Undertake and advise on market research
  • Compile market research briefs
  • Sourcing and negotiating with research suppliers
  • Project management
  • Administer and report on projects involving Curtin students, staff, and visitors
  • Provide advice on research design
  • Assist with sample selections
  • Attend to ad-hoc requests

Examples of the assistance MIR has provided

  • Conducting research activities to obtain validated data on attendees' satisfaction towards Curtin Open Day activities, as requested by the Curtin Open Day Project Team. Results were included in a PMC paper, presented to the Marketing Working Group, and provided benchmark data for continuous improvement.
  • Assisting the Graduations Office to undertake a review of the graduation ceremonies to identify areas for improvement by designing and implementing an online survey to measure attendees' satisfaction. A number of changes were made to the subsequent ceremonies following the review, and improvements were monitored.
  • Facilitating the Western Australia Centre for Health Promotion Research with random selection of participants for their research on alcohol and tobacco intervention. MIR also provided the research team with advice on survey timing and facilitated student contacts.

Contact details

If you require assistance with conducting research for your area and/or require survey results, please email