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Curtin University
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Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)

The AGS is a national survey conducted by Curtin in association with Graduate Careers Australia (GCA). It is comprised of two components:

  1. Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) and
  2. Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) for coursework graduates OR
    Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ) for higher degree by research students.

The AGS is administered to those who completed their course at or via an Australian campus and is available in online and hardcopy format.

The AGS has been adapted for those who completed their course at the Curtin Sarawak campus or the Curtin Singapore campus. The adapted survey is referred to as the Curtin Graduate Survey (CGS) and can only be completed online.

How to complete the survey

Students are first invited by email to complete the survey around four months after the completion of their course as follows:

  • Mid-year completers receive invitations in November of the current year
  • End-of-year completers receive invitations in May of the following year

The version of the survey a graduate completes depends on the campus location during their final semester/trimester of studies as follows:

Main campus of study during final study period Click below to find out more
Australian Campus (e.g. Bentley, Sydney, Kalgoorlie, Other WA campus) Includes HECS and international fee paying students

External Studies (includes OUA students)
Australian Graduate Survey
Sarawak Campus^ Curtin Graduate Survey - Sarawak
Singapore Campus^ Curtin Graduate Survey - Singapore

^ Only coursework graduates from the Sarawak and Singapore campuses are eligible.

If you are unsure of your eligibility...

Please email

In your final year of studies... express your interest now!

To ensure you don't miss out on being contacted, please ensure your contact details are up to date in OASIS or express your interest here.

What are the results used for?

The aggregated data from the AGS has a variety of uses:

  • Students may use the Gradate Destinations Survey results as part of their job-hunting process, as it gives the job titles, employers and average annual salary of students who completed the same course in previous years
  • Curtin and Government Departments use the data as key performance indicators, against which Curtin's performance is measured, and
  • Good Universities Guide uses the data as part of their process for determining the ratings of national universities.


Prizes and incentives are available to survey participants. For further details visit:

Reports and questionnaires

These are available to Curtin staff for continuous improvement purposes and can be downloaded from: (login required).