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Curtin Annual Student Satisfaction (CASS) Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

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About CASS

What is CASS?
The Curtin Annual Student Satisfaction (CASS) survey was introduced in 2002 to assess students' satisfaction with their experience at Curtin, including their campus life and available services and facilities. The results are used to identify areas where students are satisfied and to identify areas where improvements can be made. All Curtin students are invited to complete the CASS survey online in one of the following eight variants:

  1. Curtin Bentley Campus
  2. Western Australian Campus
  3. Perth City Campus (Graduate School of Business)
  4. Off-campus / external students (Dist Ed, Open Uni Australia, UniReady, Off-Campus Research)
  5. Curtin Sydney Campus (final round in 2016 as campus phased out)
  6. Curtin Sarawak Campus
  7. Curtin Singapore Campus
  8. Offshore Partners

Who is eligible to participate?
All Curtin students enrolled at the above locations/modes of study and whose details appear in StudentOne between the survey period (see below) are eligible to participate. Curtin International College students are not eligible.

When will the survey run?
CASS 2017 runs between 7th of August and 18th of September 2017 (inclusive).

How can I complete CASS?

Online - Log into OASIS and click on the CASS button that appears in the 'welcome' tab under the Official Communication Channel (OCC). We realise some of you may have many unread OCs in red, then you will need to scroll all the way down to find the CASS button underneath all of the unread OCs.

Email - in 2017, you will receive survey invitation and reminder emails with direct survey links/URLs in your Curtin student email account.

Students who are enrolled through the Offshore Partners, i.e., eligible for variant 8, may be given hardcopies to complete depending on administrative arrangement. You will also receive survey invitation and reminder emails with direct survey links/URLs in your primary email account that is provided to Curtin.

Where can I find out CASS results?

Students can view what Curtin has done in response to student feedback via

Quantitative results can be accessed by Curtin staff who are registered BI Users via the BI Tool
Qualitative results can be accessed by Curtin staff via

Why should I complete CASS? How are the results used?
CASS is an opportunity for students to have their say about their experiences as a student of Curtin University - the good and not-so-good!

The results are used by various university services to identify areas that students are satisfied with and those where improvements can be made. The Market and Institutional Research team is currently investigating ways to better communicate to students what actions have been undertaken in response to survey feedback and we welcome your suggestions. Please email with your suggestions.

How long will the survey take?
The length of the survey varies (not all questions are applicable to all students) but we anticipate that CASS will take you no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. Please ensure you have this much time available before commencing the survey.

What prizes are on offer? When will the prize draw take place? How will winners be notified?
See Prizes

Who won the prizes last year?
Visit the CASS homepage for a complete list of winners from last year.


I don't know my OASIS Password?
You can reset your password via the following link:

Can I 'save and continue' the survey later?
This option depends on the cookie settings and web browser you use. Some computers may allow you re-enter the survey (by clicking the red CASS button in OASIS) and continue from where you last finished. As we cannot guarantee this will be the case for everyone, we strongly recommend you complete the entire survey in a single attempt. The first page of the survey will give you a guide as to how long the survey might take you.

I clicked through some pages of the survey to have a look but didn't really attempt to answer the questions, now I want to complete the survey – what do I do?
Provided you didn't click through to the end of the survey (and submit your response), you can re-enter the survey by clicking the red CASS button in OASIS. Just ignore the message that pops up about multiple attempts will disqualify you from the prize draw and attempt the survey again. In some cases, you may need to click the 'Back' button in your browser to get back to the beginning of the survey.

I have a disability and require alternative access to participate in CASS.
If you have any special requirements to enable you to participate at this survey and associated prize draw events please email Please also see


Why do I need to login? Can I be identified?
Your Student ID is used to extract relevant demographic details from student records (e.g. mode of study, gender, etc) so that you don't need to spend time completing additional questions. No personal information will be released which would enable you to be identified with your survey response.

The survey is anonymous in that only the survey administrator, the Market and Institutional Research team within the Office of Strategy and Planning, will be able to access individual responses. In all the reports to various University stakeholders, only present statistical results in an aggregated format will be presented, and if there are too few responses the results will not be published to ensure confidentiality.