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Curtin University
Office of Strategy and Planning

Graduate Outcomes Survey for Australian Campus and External Studies (including OUA) Graduates

Completion of the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) in full will entitle eligible graduates who completed their course at or via an Australian campus (includes external students) to receive a free personalised Curtin Alumni pen.


How to Complete the GOS

All graduates who have completed their course via an Australian Campus* (including OUA graduates) will be invited by email to participate in the GOS approximately four months after course completion.

Communications with a link to the survey will mainly be by email so please ensure you have provided a long term email address in OASIS. Alternatively you may like to provide your details via our web form. Non-responders may also be contacted by email and by telephone.

If you feel you may be eligible but did not receive an invitation please email

*Australian Campus locations (e.g. Bentley, Sydney, Kalgoorlie, Other WA campus) includes HECS and international fee paying students.

Personalised Curtin Alumni Pen

Completion of the GOS in full will entitle each eligible graduate to receive one (1) personalised Curtin Alumni pen. Pens are engraved and dispatched in March and September each year. We will post the pen to both Australian and overseas addresses, however we will not take any responsibility for items lost or damaged in the post. We are aware that the postal systems in some countries are not very reliable.

In GOS, you will be asked to provide a valid name to appear on your engraved pen (maximum 20 English characters including spaces; symbols are not allowed). Names will be checked, any offensive or inappropriate requests will deem the recipient ineligible to receive a pen from us. You will also be asked in GOS to provide your latest contact details including email* and postal addresses, so that we can get in touch with you about your pen.

In the past, we have had a large amount of mail returned to us due to incomplete, outdated or incorrect postal addresses collected through GOS. As such, shortly after the GOS data collection is completed, we email* everyone who requested a pen to confirm their postal address via an online form.

Failure to confirm your postal address following instructions in the email* will result in withdrawal of the pen offer by the Office of Strategy and Planning.

The Office of Strategy and Planning reserves the right to vary this offer.

Graduating Students ... Express Your Interest Now!

If you are in your final year of studies and would like to participate in the Graduate Outcomes Survey, please ensure your contact details are up to date in OASIS or express your interest here so you don't miss out on being contacted.

Further Information

For further information please visit the national GOS website