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Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ)

Previously a component of the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS), CEQ is administrated in conjuction with GOS from 2016 onwards to coursework graduates approximately five months after their course completion at or via an Australian campus. The survey collects information on the quality of education provided by Australian institutions by asking graduates to indicate their level of agreement to a series of statements about their study experience.

QILT reports gradaute satisfaction on three core indicators including Overall Satisfaction (1 item), Good Teaching scale (6 items) and Generic Skills scale (6 items). Curtin also collects data on an additional/optional aspect - Graduate Qualities scale (6 items).

The below table presents the optional scales that Curtin opted in to measure in CEQ.

  Optional Scale
Prior to 2007 Clear Goals and Standards Scale (4 items)
Appropriate Assessment Scale (3 items)
Appropriate Workload Scale (4 items)
2007 - 2015 Clear Goals and Standards Scale (4 items)
Graduate Qualities Scale (6 items)
2016 Graduate Qualities Scale (6 items)

Further information is available regarding the CEQ scales.

Curtin CEQ Report

Data up until 2015 is reported internally via the Business Intelligence Tools (BI Tools). The 2016 reports are available for download via the MIR reports download page. This page also contains in-house analyses conducted over the years to serve Curtin internal business needs.

Qualitative comments on the Best Aspects and Areas Need Improvement are reproted in Excel format with in-built filters to allow readers to obtain information at the desired reporting level, such as at the course level, award level, facult/school/department level, citizenship, study load, attendance mode and gender. The 2016 report is currently under development. Historical reports are available via the MIR reports download page.

National CEQ Results

National CEQ results and related resources are available from the official QILT website.

The Market and Institutional Research Team at the Office of Strategy and Planning receives national data containing universities who opt in for information sharing. Please submit a data request directly to if needed.

Changes to CEQ Time Series

CEQ 2010
For survey year 2010, GCA implemented a fully labelled CEQ response scale for the first time (strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree nor disagree, agree, strongly agree.) Previously only the two extreme rating points were labelled (strongly disagree and strongly agree.) This means CEQ 2010 results are not directly comparable to 2008 and 2009 results. Graduate Careers Australia's have issued a letter explaining the change in time series - click here to download the letter.

CEQ 2016
The Australian Graduate Survey was replaced by the Graduate Outcomes Survey from 2016 onwards. Items measuring Clear Goals and Standards (4 items) were dropped in the latest survey. Furthermore, definitions on valid responses and methodology for scale calculations have been reviewed and updated. Hence, CEQ 2016 results are not directly comparable to CEQ results from previous years, and should be considered as a new time series.


The latest Course Experience Questionnaires are available to view as pdf files.


* 2007 is the year of data collection, the data collected reflects the opinions of students who completed their course in 2006.

^ The data portal is only available on the Curtin intranet. The figures reported in the data portal refers to the year of course completion.

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