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Curtin University
Office of Strategy and Planning

Graduate Destination Survey (GDS)

This component of the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) collects information about the employment status, type of work gained and further study activities of recent graduates.

Based on the methods used by Graduate Careers Australia, in-house analysis of the GDS results is conducted and an annual report is produced. From AGS 2012 onwards, the report is a series of interactive tables. The interactive nature of the report enables you to filter all the GDS results at Faculty, School, Department, Course and Residency levels, and any combination of these. Some examples of the information found in the report are:

Curtin GDS Report

The latest GDS Reports are available and can be downloaded from

National GDS results

National GDS results and related resources are available from Graduate Careers Australia, the GCA's official website.


# The year reported in this report refers to the data collection year, e.g. 2013 GDS data refers to the employment and study outcomes of graduates who completed their course in 2012.

^ The data portal is only available on the Curtin intranet. The figures reported in the data portal refers to the year of course completion.

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