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Online Research Community - Further Information
A collaboration between Curtin and RewardingViews

Why is Curtin doing this?

Curtin is innovating the way it conducts research among students past, present and future. Creating an exclusive online research community allows us to connect in an easy and accessible way, transforming the way we obtain opinions and feedback.

Most importantly, we want to capture the voices of individuals who will be greatly impacted by the ideas and topics of research.

Our goal with this community is to make sure we're regularly engaging with the Curtin community so that Curtin can continuously be improved for current and future generations of students.

What is involved?

You'll be invited to participate in research activities such as online surveys, quick polls, and discussion groups and all you have to do is share your honest views.

You'll be invited by RewardingViews, via email and SMS, to participate in these activities regularly – you just need to look out for the invites.

You'll also get the chance to take part in research on other topics and by other organisations to keep things fresh and give you the chance to earn even more rewards.

How do I benefit?

Earn up to $10 worth of points for each online survey you complete and put these points towards e-gift cards that can be used at most leading Australian retailers.

Answer quick and easy opinion polls and have the chance to win prizes too.

Attend a discussion group and earn up to $200 cash in hand (the cash you get depends on the amount of time we require you to commit)!

On top of all that, Curtin's online community members can also earn or win exclusive rewards and prizes.

Your participation in research will ultimately improve the way Curtin interacts with you!

Who is RewardingViews?

RewardingViews is a leading online community in Perth and the Greater WA area.

It is one of Australia's most generous online communities offering big rewards for completing online surveys and other activities, and also gives its members the chance to win cool prizes just for sharing their views.

Through RewardingViews' collaboration with Curtin, we will work together to make this research community the most enjoyable experience possible for students and alumni and ensure there is an outlet for everyone to be heard.

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