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Curtin University
Office of Strategy and Planning

Curtin Planning & Quality Framework

The Curtin Planning and Quality Framework is a comprehensive, integrated approach that enables evaluation of processes, practices and performance. It focuses on the processes that contribute to the achievement of the University's core activities of Teaching and Research, and on the other balanced scorecard elements: People and Culture, Engagement and Impact and Financial Security.

The Curtin Planning and Quality Framework has been developed based on the European Foundation for Quality Management framework (Higher Education Version), the US Baldrige National Quality Program (Education Criteria for Performance Excellence) and the Business Excellence Framework (Australia).

Curtin Planning and QA Framework

The Curtin Planning and Quality Framework has seven key foci:

  • Leadership - Lead by example, provide clear direction, develop a University's culture consistent with its values and focus on sustainable achievement of goals.
  • Strategy and Planning - Establish systems to set the University's strategic directions aligned with its vision, mission and values; develop strategies and plans, and deploy them to achieve outcomes.
  • Students and Clients (Stakeholders) - Analyse students and clients' needs and requirements; manage relationships and deliver increased value to students and clients.
  • People - Develop and value people's capability and release their skills, resourcefulness and creativity to change and improve the organisation.
  • Partnerships and Resources - Plan and manage internal and external partnerships and internal resources in order to support the University Strategy and Planning and the effective operations of its processes, and to balance the current and future needs of the University, the community and the environment as part of its social responsibility.
  • Process Management, Improvement and Innovation - Develop agility, adaptability and responsiveness based on a culture of continual improvement, innovation and learning.
  • Key Performance Results - Focus on sustainable results, value and outcomes.

The Framework includes a system of ongoing review and assessment based on the Quality Improvement Cycle which is a consistent approach to ongoing quality assurance and improvement using the Approach, Deployment, Results and Improvement (ADRI) quality assurance model.